A Case for Deism- Desire for Meaning


Therapy states that the absence of meaning is emptiness, and that man needs meaning to continue. We ourselves probably believe in some sort of meaning towards our existence, such as to build upon what we have as a society, to feel good, or to achieve something eternally for ourselves or others. Regardless of what our ideas of meaning are, society itself needs to exist with purpose, and finds joy in doing so.

Yet we know that the “scientific” view of the universe (more or less Atheistic) is to say that all of us/this just happen to exist without predetermined cause or meaning, in a universe itself that has no predetermined cause or meaning. They rationalize this by stating that because we haven’t found one, there isn’t reason to believe in one.

I however, think that they have missed pieces in their reasoning. Instead of analyzing their desire and asking why it exists, instead they analyze the universe and state “no, this doesn’t seem to belong”. In fact, mankind gets by telling you to “invent your own meaning.”

If we have to make one for ourselves, isn’t that just proof that we don’t have one?

And why do all the other things that we desire exist? Food, community, love. Why is meaning the only thing that we desire naturally as humans that goes unanswered? How could a universe with no meaning create creatures that want meaning?

Simply put, the most rational thing we can believe is that there is a meaning to our existence and that “we may not have found it yet.”. If every natural human desire is able to be met, then we must believe that those we cannot find answers to are able to be met! Deists like myself claim that we HAVE found those reasons. To me, I am able to determine a purpose behind something I make, and therefore if the universe itself has a purpose, we know that comes about by rational determinal minds!

Studying molecules, energy, and numbers will never bring about a solution towards our inherent/natural desire for meaning. This I find, is best proposed by the theory of God, and to this point, may only end at the theory of God.


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